The cold never bothered me anyway


Trouble usually finds me


Trouble usually finds me

Trouble usually finds me



Is Padme a deeply flawed individual? Absolutely. She’s often naive in her political beliefs, has more than a little bit of a martyr complex, has the Star Wars equivalent of a White Savior complex in spades, and can be stubborn to the point of self-destruction.

But, never forget…

So true


Quick ink pen + digital colours. Padmé translates to lotus in Sanskrit.


I’ve also read that the words ‘pad me' are used in a specific Buddhist mantra which helps enlightenment towards compassion.

Pad me is the part of the chant which purifies ignorance and prejudice, greed and possessiveness. The colours associated with pad me are red and blue.

It is interesting to think about how well these meanings fit Padmé Amidala’s character, as well as her roles towards other characters and the storyline of Star Wars.

Our Leader, the MOCKINGJAY


Padme dying of a broken heart never really bothered me which is pretty surprising considering how much I love her, but I’ve never seen Star Wars has a regular sci-fi movie; I saw it more as a fairy tail set in space. 

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This is exactly why I love the anakin/padme romance. Because it was based on classical models, like medieval folklore- and I love the mythological element, it accentuates the ‘doomed star-crossed lovers trope’

Padmés death was not cheap story narrative. Instead there was a more mythological theme present- in addition with her synchronised death with anakin undergoing artificial surgery into video and her ‘organic’ death by childbirth/broken heart. This dynamic proves a symbiotic dualism to their relationship- and in retrospect a ‘can’t live without my lover’ theme is prominent part of courtly Love, which dominated Western Europe literature during the middle ages.

Padme dies however alienated from her home planet- so not in touch with her medieval characteristics, which shows the destruction of her character. She has lost everything- her Republic has become a totalitarian state dictated by the person she put in power and trusted, and her (cheesy alert) one true love-her husband has broken her heart and rejected her over greed for power. Therefore like Desdemona and Ophelia before her- she dies of a broken heart and returns to her natural environment, appearing drowned- to conclude her symbiotic relationship with anakin, as he dies by fire, she drowns in water.

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