them: Anakin is such a creepy psycho. Why in the world would you ship him and Padme? He’s so abusive.



Have you ever thought about Ani and Padme making out in her office and suddenly someone shows up and she just…has to shove him underneath her desk and Anakin realizes that he’s stuck there for like….the next hour or so and he starts…teasing her like running his fingers up her dress and just making her frustrated (I think she would kick him a couple of times).


unnatural colours ft. edibles

kristina tofu


I’m hooked on drawing this idiot a feeling




achilles is that kid who takes gym class too seriously



nobody gives a fuck about pluto’s planetary status pls arrest Darren Wilson

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I was browsing some sw forums earlier and I noticed that some believe that a love triangle exists between the three protagonists of the prequel trilogy- however of you analyse these claims with reference to cinematography and with what George lucas has claimed about the films, One can conclude…

Additionally- taking into account the presented characteristics of the 3 protagonists: Obiwan is the depicted ultimate Jedi- his white robes emanate a sense of purity and dedication. He is the reciprocal of anakin: in his ideals and beliefs- also in his romantic pursuits with satine, which as filoni said in the ign clone wars season 6 interview; was the opposite of anakin/padmes relationship, being a selfless love: where both participants did not sacrifice their duty’s for a personal sake. Daniel Bernardi, who is the chair of cinematographic studies at the uni of California- quotes in his detailed criticism of the sw saga: (on the mustafar scene) “the haloed obiwan represents the exoneration of male oppressors through a protection of democracy and compassion rather than the pursuit of women and greedy elitism”
The only affection obiwan shows to fellow cast members is compassion- he admits to padme in one deleted scene that he cared about the couple, like they were his family😊 however one of the primary themes of the way prequels is his love for anakin; his brother. This is important bc the one thing that connects the trio is their love for anakin. This is also not a triangle, but it proves the varying degrees of love. Padme loves anakin romantically- obiwan loves anakin like a brother.

In conclusion- although some may acquaint the trust conflict present in the film with the love triangle trope: if one incorporates official statements made by Lucas and authorized material published for the benefit of including an expanded portrayal of the film: official novelisation; illustrated screenplay (which was the version with the small episode of palpatine misguiding anakin in his trust for the people he loves) even the DVD audio commentary, which holds essential insight into the influences behind the film, then it is obvious that only a conflict of trust prevails

» Cat taber interview

This is incredible- cat taber literally disses the rumours about anakin padmés relationship being abusive/ says directly that padme did NOT care for clovis/ says that dying of a broken heart is not weak characterisation/ and talks about how central anakin is to padmés psyche- she mentions that there is a “very very deep love to their relationship” Skip to 1 hour for the interview- it is perfect😀😀

» Are you an Angel?


Isn’t this the first thought that occurs to you when seeing this shot?


Padmé lies there, with her taintless and purely white dress, being glaringly illuminated. She almost seems like an angel - a fallen angel, to be more precise. There is another shot from Episode II that has a similar…

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